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Recent Projects performed by CCF

Refurbish Training Platform

We received a inquiry to refurbish a training platform that is used for confined space and assailing. It was in need of repair and modifications.

The platform underwent a full refurbishment, we cut out and replaced all the rust, modified were required, sandblasted and painted the complete unit so our clients can now safely use it to train they're students with.

Training Platform 1 Training Platform 3 Training Platform 2

Cradle for 70 foot Luxury Motor Yacht

Our job was to measure up the motor yacht then design and engineer a cradle for transporting the vessel to Japan.

We manufactured the cradle at our Williamstown workshop and transported it to Appleton dock where we oversaw the strapping down and loading of the yacht.

steel yacht cradle steel super yacht cradle super yacht cradle

metal garden screens
metal garden screens

Something a little different - Privacy Screens

We at Charlcom pride ourselves in being diverse in our abilities to satisfy our clients every needs.

We recently made this feature garden for our client's rear fence, its made of Corten Steel which is ideal for this process and gives it a rusty look almost instantly.

We are able to take an idea of your design and give it to our Graphics Designer (Ideograph Design) who will transform your idea to reality, then we can fabricate and install.

metal garden screens

George ballroom
George ballroom
George ballroom

Wall fabrication in St Kilda

Charlcom was engaged to engineer and install a wall for the new Bistro in the famous George ballroom, St Kilda.

The work was carried out over several weeks and included removal of the existing wall, logistics of getting material on-site and on-site work.

Images of completed project!
metal walls metal walls metal walls metal walls

Rumble Grid for Trucks

Rumble Grid for Trucks

Versatility is a key in the many things we do. This is a Rumble grid we have manufactured for the cleaning of truck tyres.

Manufactured from substantial steel it will take loads from the largest trucks on the road.

on-site welding

welding at height
The sight sign (pictured above) is the architectural drawing of the completed house.

On-site welding at height

CCF was contracted to weld these precast panels together on a house in Toorak, on each panel there is a steel plate cast into the concrete and we join the panels together using 32mm stainless steel pipe.

All our trades people have working at height permits.

boat cradle manufacture

Power Boat Cradle

We at CCF perform a number of jobs for the boating community. This boat cradle has been modified by CCF to accommodate being transported around RYCV by forklift. This takes away the danger involved with pushing the boat around by hand.

marine engineering
marine engineering melbourne

Marina Pylon support

We are involved in maintaining marinas this particular job is for RBYC, where a big wave got through the wave wall and broken the support brackets around the pile. We fabricated a new one and welded it in on site.

marine welding

Boat yard stand

marine welding
marine engineering melbourne
boat engineering melbourne

Repairs to harbour work boat

CCF has been contracted to bring this boat into survey. As you can see by the pictures the rust has been quite aggressive over the years and we cut away the rust and welded in plates. This has given this work boat a vastly extended life.

Build heat exchanger melbourne

Heat exchanger cleaning

We were asked by one of our customers if we could develop a safer way to clean heat exchangers, so we came up with a lot of ideas and instigated this one as it was the best way to remove any danger to personnel operating the high pressure lances (right is the picture is of the unit).

The unit allows the operator to attach the unit to the heat exchanger, mount the high pressure lance and move it to different positions via a remote control.

This unit has been nominated for a safety award  at  Qenos.

Drain cleaner western suburbs

Drain Cleaner

We were recently engaged by one of our clients to build a drain cleaner combination vacuum water blasting unit.

They purchased a trail able non destructive digging unit and a new truck and asked us to make it into a drain cleaner. After assessing their requirements we mounted the unit on a truck. Manufactured and installed aluminium boxes to go around the unit.

We designed and manufactured a zero gravity suction hose boom that allows them to pull up next to a drain swing the boom out and put it straight down the hole.

The unit has been so successful it has improved their productivity by more than 30 per cent, and reĀ­duced the chance of any back injuries.

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